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The Christmas is upon us, a very important event for everyone. Not only an opportunity to stay with the family, but also to show off bold looks full of personality. In fact, Christmas shopping certainly does not stop at gifts and the large quantity of foods that will be consumed, but also at highly prestigious clothes.

This year, after a few subdued Christmases, all we want is to shine again, without forgetting elegance. No dark colors, you want to shine with sequins and with colors that are truly gaudy, because you don't want to go unnoticed, let alone taken for granted.

So what does fashion offer us for these holidays? Perfect dresses both for a December 25th with friends and for a New Year's Eve to remember. Loverlock really offers a lot of ideas about it, so let's see what fashion tells us about Christmas 2022, waiting for 2023.

Lights and sequins

Christmas is made of lights and enchantment, you can see it in homes, shops and streets. But then why shouldn't it be like this too? The only occasion of the year in which, even if you are simply among family members, you really want to appear and you don't want to go unnoticed.

Holidays are an excuse for pput the spotlight on yourself. Just between us, every woman has just that dress in her closet, yes, just the one she has dared to wear a lot, but hasn't yet had the courage to wear. Well, this is precisely the right moment, that of the Christmas holidays between one meal and another, between a gift and a panettone.

Deep down you know, the month of December has always been full of commitments, you move from house to house and don't even refuse an aperitif at the bar before Christmas lunch, without forgetting the post-binge walk among the city lights. So yes, if you are a lover of sequins this is the time to get them out of the closet, but what are the colors that dominate?

Regardless of the very classic gold, black and silver, a cascade of sparkling colors are preferable on a sparkling dress, with a short and extremely feminine cut, such as the Twinset dress proposed here, almost as if the family lunch were a red carpet.

But instead for the evening of New Year's Eve, we could recommend a sparkling pink dress, long and elegant, not to go unnoticed, a splendid proposal Pinko.

In short, it must be clear, if a dress you adore looks right on you too much know that these are the right days to use it, so that the light is finally turned on right on you.

The classic Christmas red

For those who prefer a less daring look to sequins, which certainly don't go unnoticed, at least for Christmas lunch, fashion offers many alternatives, including the classic Christmas red. We could advise you a long dress in a light fabric that adapts to all physicalities. Twin set proposes this red pleated dress, with a simple and falling line.

An elegant Korean collar that also adapts to the simplest personalities, those who really have no intention of daring, risking not feeling at ease. As always happens, red is the color of Christmas, the inevitable of the holidays, whether it's decorations for your home, but also for the table and why not? Even on me.

Caution, red doesn't suit everyone, or at least, it must be taken into account that, as with any color, red also comes in different shades; therefore, before proceeding with the purchase it is advisable to think carefully whether or not the dress is suitable for your complexion. But it is also true that red is a color not only connected to parties, but also to sensuality and femininity and a very simple long dress will make you who wear it appear the most beautiful of all.

But if this dress does not convince you, there are many alternatives that can be evaluated. A red blouse to match with a narrow skirt on the hips. But then there are also those who do not give up on trousers and here you can decide between various fabrics and finishes. Leather trousers, classic and flared, tight-fitting, which leave the ankle uncovered, all to be combined with the most beautiful heels that your wardrobe offers.

In short, red means Christmas, it means celebration, passion and sensuality, a truly excellent choice.

1000 looks for your parties

Fashion is so vast to propose a solution for any style, for any type of event in which you will take part. In fact, Christmas is not only the time for lunches and dinners with relatives, but also for corporate work dinners, classy dinners with other parents, celebrations and parties of any kind, because after all, there is always a reason to celebrate. .

A single gala dress certainly cannot be enough, which is why Loverlock in hers Party Collection, offers a large number of alternatives for your looks for the Christmas holidays and beyond. Dresses that respond to any personality, that can truly be worn by anyone.

As seen previously, there is no shortage of sequins applied on short and long dresses, to adapt to any occasion. In the case of sequins what you are looking for is the sparkle of light and the combination of colors. Exactly as happens with dresses rich in rhinestones, designed for the woman who isn't afraid to dare.

There's no shortage of blouses of those who really don't give up on elegance and even if they don't want to go unnoticed, they don't even want to show off too much. All with delicate and classy fabrics that glide on the skin to make anyone feel comfortable in their new clothes.

Short dresses, to show off your legs, or long dresses, all fashionable and especially designed for women who don't want to give up their elegance even for a simple corporate dinner. But an outfit certainly can't be complete without a pair of shoes.

The heel can not miss, uncomfortable? Maybe yes, but we know well that you, my dear woman who really doesn't give up on femininity, don't know how to give it up. How to choose? If a décolleté lengthens the leg and is recommended with a skirt, an ankle boot could be suitable under elegant trousers.

In short, the choice is also very vast in this case. What we need to remember is that for this year the shoes are in black, so as not to overdo the colors and lights, too much is never the right choice.

In the end? Not to be forgotten the accessories, a jewel pouch, a bracelet, earrings that illuminate the face. Always everything in a low profile without exaggerating, always using a certain balance of colors and lights, so as not to appear out of place and not to feel uncomfortable.

A complete look can't be missing, for nights to remember, with people you have fun with. It all starts with the look, an expression of one's personality.

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