Like every year, the long awaited is about to arrive Black Friday. This year, in fact, the expected date that kicks off the many discounts and ideally also Christmas shopping, will fall on November 25th.

Black Friday, in fact, is always launched on the Friday following American Thanksgiving Day and was conceived way back in 1924 by Macy's department stores, just to kick off the Christmas gift rush.

For several years, thanks to the instant communication favored by the web, Black Friday has also arrived in Europe and, just like in America, both in online and physical shops it is possible to find many offers that last up to the infamous Cyber Monday: the Monday after Black Friday.

This year the start date of the long-awaited discounts that have now become traditional here too, falling on November 25th, will effectively mark the countdown until Christmas.
Why not take advantage of the occasion and go looking for some beautiful dresses to wear during the holidays or to give as a gift to your closest friends and relatives?

The collection Twin set on our online shop is certainly among the most suitable for the beloved and awaited Christmas holidays.

The elegance and audacity of black

The black color not only represents the pursuit of elegance, seduction and refinement, but also of prestige and strength. Indeed, this absence of color is often associated with the unknown: with mystery.
It is no coincidence that it is also one of the colors of the first chakra (Muladhara), the one which according to Indian traditions is connected to the sense of presence.

Black is mystery because it is connected to magical secrets and practices.
IS energy as the wearer wants to indicate his discipline and his strength.
IS elegance because its representing a perfect mix with simplicity makes it a timeless classic never out of fashion.

Twinset's black style is feminine, neither too romantic nor too aggressive. A warm and transversal brand that adapts to women of all ages who love to follow trends.
This is precisely the reason that prompted us to include this brand among our proposals. And speaking of total black, let's see which are the Twinset evening dresses that we have chosen to offer you on our online store.

Twinset: i look metal da sera

There are just a few days left at the beginning of Black Friday but we already want to anticipate some proposals to choose from. Since this day so loved by all shopping enthusiasts marks the start of Christmas shopping, we could not fail to introduce you the evening look at Twinsets.

Simple, versatile and at the same time very elegant, these proposals are a perfect match for the traditional Christmas holidays. After all, everyone loves to impress their friends and relatives.
But that's not all, because you could choose to make the women in your family happy and opt to give them one of these elegant dresses.

The Metal, the style that derives from Hard Rock tends to be characterized by very aggressive rhythms that blend with the powerful sounds of the musical style. But Twinset with this collection has managed to make it more lovable, romantic and elegant.

Lined in crêpe de Chine, the dress My Twin is to all intents and purposes the incarnation of Metal. It is a long dress made of creponne tulle with metal thread. The front has a crossover neckline that closes with a button and the skirt part is flared at the right point.
It has gathered detailing on the shoulders and waist, while the sheer sleeves end with an elastic band and flounce at the wrist. On the back of the dress, to give a touch of romance, it was chosen to insert a gold-colored faceted heart plate.

The other metal-style proposal from Twinset is a Dress with sequin and lace embroidery. Made in crêpe de Chine, this splendid dress has entirely hand-made vertical sequin embroideries.
Tone on tone, then, the dress ends with a delicate flounce in emerald lace.

The timeless 80s style

The 80s were a decade characterized by the cult of personal success, the first real golden age of global marketing and consumerism. There culture of wanting to appear was the predominant feature of this timeless style where the real protagonists were the sparkling fluorescent colors.

How can we forget the broad shoulders of the jackets that portrayed the new model of a determined and career woman. These were really the years of Power Dressing, those where feminist movements were beginning to bring home the first results.

In fact, 80s fashion has never been afraid to put together bright colors that tend to be difficult to combine with each other. Impossible not to mention colors such as fuchsia, electric blue, acid green, fluorescent yellow and turquoise.

Also in this case Twinset has made the 80s style its own and, although the colors are not used at all, it has managed to create a sparkling black outfit for those more fun evenings that still do not want to give up class and elegance .

The Body in tessuto full paillettes available on our store, in fact, has a deep neckline that crosses both on the front and on the back. Very bright thanks to the sequins, the body has a stretch jersey bottom.

But how to complete the 80s outfit that sees the bright sequins of the body as protagonists? Always signed by Twinset, we offer you the black palazzo trousers.
This model, in fact, manages to show off a very elegant silhouette. At the same time, they are well structured to convey the certainty of their perfect design.
Strictly high-waisted, palazzo pants are a must that no woman can give up. They have always been a symbol of femininity and elegance that is suitable for many outfits and for the most varied occasions.

Making a good impression with Twinset evening outfits is a guarantee. Surely you are wondering: what discounts await you for the highly anticipated Black Friday? You just have to wait a few more days to be able to discover them on our online store.

Yes, we are leaving you a bit on your toes, but what is certain is that it will certainly be a wonderful surprise.